Tonya Merrit

Hot Release!!! Sugar Rush by Tonto Dike

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December 2014

DKM Album Teasers…

Osheeee!!!<br /><br />The DKM Album pre-sales goes live today… and as promised we are giving exclusive ‘full-track’ teasers to four songs on the Album:<br /><ul><li>Don’t... Read More
December 2013
If no be God // D'Banj - If No Be God (Single)
  1. If no be God // D'Banj - If No Be God (Single)
  2. Emergency // D'Banj - Emergency (Single)
  3. Runz Girl // 2 Kriss - PLAYER
  4. Zim Zimma // Lee Temple - PLAYER
  5. Jaburata // Kay Switch - Jaburata